Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Perfect Picture

Hi lovelies!!! I was MIA last week! I am swamped with orders right now! It's so awesome! Love that people are loving my work!  Anywho, as I was uploading pictures this am, I was thinking about my desire to constantly take family pictures and really just pictures of the Little Presidents, in general. Do you have the need for the perfect family picture? I always strive to get at least one good one when we are all dressed up and together. Every.single.holiday and really numerous times a day in general, I am trying desperately to get the Little Presidents to smile or even just look at the camera at the same time...you can never take too many pictures in my opinion...or in my hubby's opinion, you can! Ha! I feel like it was not even close to being as hard when we just had Teddy, but after Reagan joined the mix, it's total chaos anytime I want a family picture taken. I assume it's the fact that I have one more person to try and get to smile and be happy(look happy)! Ha! Here are a few fabulous hilarious outtakes from our holiday weekend...

We only had a few minutes before church, but I knew if we didn't take pics before, they would probably be a mess afterwards...

Everybody's happy...

Reagan is only happy to take a picture on her terms. Clearly. Teddy just rebels because, hey, why not?Can't forget to address me...I'm hunched over and looking ridic! Ha!

I'm pretty sure my hubs was telling me "maybe we should just do this later," in this pic. Ha!

Reagan is thrilled. Luckily Boo is always happy to be a part of the pics!


Victory! She's crying and Teddy's not looking but still...we got a pic! 

And again, that evening, she was thrilled to take a pic again.

The blur is all too common in my pictures these days. 


I have decided that I don't even care how the pictures turn out. I just care that we take them. Someday we will look back on this Easter (really a lot of pictures for that matter) and laugh about how crazy funny the Little Presidents were and how hard it was to take pictures of them some days! My thought is, memories are memories...perfect smiling pictures or not and hey, with two toddlers, the "not" is definitely more common these days! And I am okay with that! :) Hope you all had the most fabulous weekend celebrating Easter. We had such a blessed and fun filled weekend with family! 

"For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life. "For God did not send the Son into the world to judge the world, but that the world should be saved through Him. -John 3:16-17


  1. love this. if i ever get back to blogging i will have to post our easter pics...they are shockingly similar :) i always wonder how people get good pictures with multiple kids...even good candids!!!! ha!

  2. I love all of these, just goes to show you, life is so good, and memories are memories, like you said!!!!!!!! #reaganforprez #booforvp xoxoxoox