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Meeska Mouska Mickey Mouse 3rd Birthday Partayyyyyy

Hey there lovelies! Hope this week is treating you well! Ever since I did my guest post on Lovely Little Parties blog, I have been meaning to post the rest of the details from Teddy's third birthday party which was a Mickey and Minnie Mouse theme! I loved this party so much! It was a TON of work, but really rewarding at the same time. I think I say that about every party I throw! Ha! Anywho, enjoy some of the party deets!

I went with more of a polka dot theme with red and white and black and threw a couple Mickey and Minnie decorations in. You can't go wrong with polka dots! Ever! 

The first thing I knew I had to make for the party were Mickey and Minnie ears for the kids to wear. These were a true labor of love. At one point as I was cutting 80 foam circles and felt pieces, my hubs told me I should have just ordered them on Etsy! Ha! Because I am crafty, I always want to do things myself regardless of my serious lack of time! There is not much that I see that I don't think "hey, I can totally do that myself!" and teach myself to do it. (Really, that is how my embroidery and baby items business was created.) So, I set out to make 30 sets of ears! HUGE undertaking! I hand wrapped each headband in black yarn and made felt and foam ears and of course, bows for the Minnie ears. I found a tutorial online, but after looking at it, I didn't love how complicated it seemed to wrap the headbands (since I was making so many), so I just kinda created my own version. Over all, I loved how all my little details helped make the party even more special. 

Being a bow lover, the Minnie ears were my favorite! As you can see, they aren't perfect, but like I say, perfection is overrated. I loved them!

Many late nights happened when planning this party. You see my assembly line here. Hot glue was used in epic proportions. :)

We had the party at the park that is next door to our house, so I had all the ears in a basket for the kids and parents to grab as they walked in!

I made little signs with sayings from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I knew them all by heart at the time. Teddy was OBSESSED with it! 

 I made these cute centerpieces for the picnic tables. I started them at 7 one evening, in true Ashley fashion. My best ideas come to me at night after stores are closed and kids are in bed! They were Styrofoam balls that I painted black and hot-glued together. Then, I stuck them in foam pieces and put them in these cute red galvanized tin buckets. I buy these mini galvanized buckets a lot. I think they are great and I often use them for silverware, etc when hosting a party. You can never have too many, in my opinion! There were little signs with more sayings from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Happy Birthday signs! I thought they were a perfect little table topper! Really love this idea! 

These were probably one of my favorite parts of the party. I am a huge fan of paper cones and I knew immediately when beginning plans for both of Teddy's parties, that I needed to make some to hold snacks for the party. Then I set out to find some Mickey Mouse paper! I think they turned out so cute! I loved them and they were so easy for the kids to hold and the kiddos loved them! A lot of the kids were walking around playing with a cone in one hand...perfect snack holder! These are my new go to thing for parties from now on! I stayed up till midnight one night making these. Because I made so many, they are def a time consumer, but worth it for sure! I filled them with Goldfish and Organic Animal Crackers. I originally wanted some sort of Mickey and Minnie cookies/crackers, but they were non-existant! I am just sure that I'll see them everywhere now that I don't need them! Ha! There was a little sign in the basket that said "Mouseketeer Snacks" These are really the best option for a kids party, unless you are going to have little bags of snacks. You could use sturdy cupcake wrappers as well. They fit into a kid hand perfectly!

Of course, I was up late at night making these. Again, they were time consuming but oh so worth it! 

Like I always say, you need a little alcohol to get through a child's birthday party so I had For the mommas, we had "Mommy Mimosas," (Why not?! Something to take the edge off! Ha!) P-Dub's Iced Coffee (This stuff is addicting. I am way over-caffinated when I have this in my fridge!) and of course we had "Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog waters!"

I found these awesome Mickey Mouse themed apple juices the day before the party! Score! They were so fun and the kids LOVED them!

Okay, so maybe it's tie between the favors and paper cones as my favorite creation for the party. I loved these. Not only are they adorable, they are delicious! I was planning on making these all along but wanted to wait until the day before the party to make them so they'd keep longer. I loosely followed Bakerella's Tut on how she made her pops. I did not bother with dying white chocolate, black. To me, dark cocoa candy melts worked perfectly and saved me from doing that step. No one noticed that they weren't true black. I also, just used candy melts for ears. I didn't cut them like she suggested (again, I needed to save a bit of time), I just stuck the whole melt into melted chocolate and stuck them into the heads...they turned out perfectly! I think Bakerella would be proud! This was my first attempt at cake pops and I really enjoyed making them and enjoyed how much everyone else loved them! I used hearts to make the bows for Minnie...luckily, I had no issue finding large heart sprinkles, seeing as Valentine's Day is right around the corner! I was working on these until midnight the night before the party of course! Ha! I wrapped them in cute clear bags tied with red baker's twine (Crate and Barrel) and black baker's twine from the same shop, where I purchased the paper straws. I have a love affair with baker's twine. I just love it and love all the different uses for it! I ordered a few more colors too (she has some really vibrant and fabulous colors!) much fun! The kiddos and mommas loved these pops as favors! I got a bunch of texts saying they couldn't stop eating them! Yep. That's about right! ;)

Lots of people use egg cartons to put their drying cake pops in but these were pretty heavy and kept tipping, so I used an upside down colander. It worked perfectly!

I had these on a table for people to grab as they left! Yum. I might have to make these again soon! 

Here is the food table! You can't see, but the napkins were polka dots to go with the theme! I loved them! Love this banner too! :)

Most importantly, this guy had the best time! It was such a fun party to throw! I have often wondered if I will be throwing another Mickey and Minnie partayyy for Reagan sometime in the next couple years! We shall see and if so, at least I have a bunch of ideas already! :)

I am glad that I finally finished this post! It has been in the works for awhile! Ha! Hope you enjoyed a little look into Teddy's 3rd Birthday party! As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask! Hope you are having the best week! 


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