Sunday, March 17, 2013

Little Presidents Spring Forward

We have had the nicest weather over the past few weeks. So, naturally, we are thinking about fun in the sun and beach and pool time! The Little Presidents (and mommy) are gearing up for Spring and Summer and here are a few of our favorite things that will be key in their wardrobes over the months ahead!

We love our fedoras in this house! I tried a few of them for Teddy last year and ended up with one from  Children's Place that worked best. When Reagan started requesting one a couple weeks ago(yes, she asked me for a "hat?" like Teddy's), I searched and again ended up at Children's Place. I bought this one for Teddy(he can always use a second hat) and this one for Reagan. She has become obsessed with it and wears it all the time! So cute! Love how much they both love hats!

Next up are Mini Boden Jersey Baggies. To me, these are the ideal pair of shorts for a little guy on the go. Teddy has had them every spring/summer and we love them! They last forever and we usually get a TON of wear out of them. Mini Boden is such great quality stuff. This is my favorite pair we own~pictured below. Love the navy and white stripes.

I am a HUGE fan of these jersey skorts for my little lady now that she can wear the girls sizes. Love a good skort! We always add bloomers under skirts and dresses but this is so easy! Reagan loves to wear skirts and this is the best of both worlds. Comfy, adorable and practical! We bought them in a few colors! :)

 Next up is crewcuts tees. I love to collect t-shirts for Teddy. They are just so fun and have the cutest sayings. They pair perfectly with the jersey baggies. This is a fav of ours right now~pictured below. This "Heart Breaker" tee is one we have had from crewcuts for the past few years in different size and color! Love the saying! :)
I am HUGE fan of Peek clothing. I started buying their stuff for Teddy when he was a baby and just love them! There shirts are so soft and again, I love all the sayings. While I was at our mall a week ago, I saw that a Peek store is coming soon. So very exciting! They had closed to other two stores that I had typically shopped at, so I have had to shop online for the most the past year or so! Nordstrom carries a few of their items, like they do with Mini Boden, but it's not the same. I prefer shopping in the actual store or on the website, just like with MB! We always love their presidential tees. We need a Reagan one, Peek peeps! 

We love Native Shoes! These are both kids shoes of the summer when we do the beach or pool. I love the "Howard" because it looks like a topsider. Seriously too cute! Teddy always does the neon yellowish and Reagan does the pink! They are easy to slip on and off! Perfect! The Easter bunny might be bringing this year's sizes in their baskets... :)

We love the Toms Mary Janes for Reagan. They have been a staple since she started walking. The regular Toms kept slipping off her feet. These are perfect for her. Teddy recently tried the classic Toms again (They used to slip off his feet too!) and he is loving them and they are easy for him to slip on. I really love the whole idea behind the Toms company. They do glasses now too! Really such a great company. 

Those are just a few of our key items that we are loving right now! I have too much fun outfitting the Little Presidents! What are your fav spring/summer items for your kiddos? I think my list could go on forever! So hard to just pick a few! 



  1. Love this post, and love the ever-so-stylish little presidents! We love the jersey baggies too! If only it'll warm up enough to wear them... I need to check out these Native shoes! Thanks for the recs :} Xoxo

  2. Girl. We are on the same page for boys clothes. I just did a very similar post... same shorts! I love Natives too but am having a super hard time finding them this year. Do you order them online? If so, from where? Happy Easter to the Presidents!

    1. Hey! Totally on the same page!!! I was having a hard time too...I usually buy from Nordies but couldn't find much on their site, until a couple weeks ago! I ordered 3 pair with no prob! I have seen the other styles on Zappos too! I just like the Howard style and that seemed harder for me to find this year but Nordies has them! xoxo, Ashley