Monday, March 11, 2013

Mojito Monday

Happy Monday lovely peeps! I have the song "Manic Monday" in my head, so I decided to change it up to "Mojito Monday!" It's no surprise to most people that know me, that my hubs is a "mojito master!" We even have a speacial name for them that one of our friends came up with~"Aseanitos." We have had such beautiful weather, besides a tiny bit of rain last week, so, we decided at the last minute yesterday afternoon to do fish (ahi) tacos and have our good friends for dinner! As my hubs was making the grocery list, he said "do we have limes?" and I said "we should do mojitos!" at the same time! Ha! Great minds think alike?! :) 

 Anywho, I have had a couple people request the recipe that we use. My hubs tells me the recipe is all in his head, so this will be a loose recipe and you should always taste test too! We (my hubs) typically makes them ahead of time if we are having a party or even just having people over for dinner. Then he is not stuck making drinks all night. It works out great! Everything tastes better in a mason jar and when you put a lid on it, it also doubles as a cocktail shaker! So, all your guests need to do is give the mojito a little shake, add a straw and it's ready! Yum! You can do this with pretty much any mixed beverage! We have done it with margaritas as well! 

Depending on how many mojitos you want to make, you'll need a lot of limes and mint. Mint is a really great thing to have in your yard. Just beware that it will completely take over the ground where you plant it! Our plant was doing awesome and then it was not. I believe it has something to do with the wiener pups...they like to eat our harvest. Abbey usually eats most of the blueberries before any of us can! Ha!

You will also need a muddler. If you have ever had a bad mojito, I can pretty much guarantee that the bartender did not muddle the lime and mint enough. I rarely order them when we are out because of this. You have to take your time muddling. The taste of mint needs to be strong!
Another secret weapon is using sugar instead of simple syrup. Muddling the lime, mint and sugar together is key. The sugar seems to exfoliate the mint and it really helps make the mint taste strong!

He also adds more sugar to the ice later in the process. This is not a skinny cocktail! Ha!

Here is the whole setup. A whole lot of deliciousness getting ready to happen!

The finished product! Add a fun straw and enjoy! 

Aseanito Recipe(makes 1 mojito)
1.       1 tablespoon of sugar
2.       5-6 large mint leaves
3.       Muddle mint and sugar
4.       Squeeze in half a lime
5.       Muddle
6.       2/3 inches of rum
7.       Fill with ice
8.       Add ½ tablespoon of sugar
9.       Fill with Club Soda
10.   Shake
11. Enjoy!

Mojitos are really pretty simple to make and so refreshing and delish! They are the perfect addiction to any party or just a relaxing Spring/Summer evening at home! Hope you are all happy and healthy on this beautiful Monday morning. We are off to enjoy some fun in the sun, after a quick visit to the dentist (blah!)! Happy Mojito Monday!


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  1. Thanks Ashley & Sean!!!
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