Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February Fab Finds

Hey there! Happy Wednesday! I have a couple items that I just have to share with you today! A few are life changers for sure...just like The Wet Brush that I told you about in my January favorite things post. I hope some of you have tried it since then! I just bought my 4th last Friday. I have them all over the house! Seriously LOVE that brush! My poor, knotted hair loves it as well! 

First up is Fresh's (shocker!!!! ha!) Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream with Super 7 Complex! I am in love! This stuff is seriously awesome. My face feels so soft and amazing...especially right after I apply it! I am still using the Black Tea Age-Delay Eye Cream and am still loving that as well! 
I have a new favorite color of the Sugar lip treatments per the recommendation from one of my Insta-buddies! The Passion color is seriously the perfect shade of reddish pink! I love it! I have been wearing the Rose color for years now! The Passion is so fun when you want more color than the Rose!!! I sent my sister the Coral color in a care package and she loves it, so that might be my next color to try! :)

Next up is Hesperides perfume! :) It's so fresh and clean smelling. I just love it. I have been wearing J'adore forever and I still do, but this is a nice change for certain days and reminds me of spring and summer with the grapefruit scent happening. 

Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara in Extreme Black! I love this stuff! I used to use Dior Show like it was going out of style, but when I was prego with Reagan, my lashes started to fall out.It had to be a hormone thing, but clearly, I had to try something new on my barely there eyelashes just in case. I have tried a few things since then! I used Almay Get Up & Grow Mascara for awhile before the Clinque and loved it as well! It is very budget-friendly and you get a similar look to Dior Show or Clinque's versions. 

Next up is this peplum top from Anthropologie! I love it! I am a huge fan of the peplum look, but I think there is a certain poofiness that doesn't look good on anyone! I tried one on the other day and it was sooooooo unflattering. This black lace peplum is seriously the perfect amount of poof...not too much. This is one of those key pieces that you can really piece with anything-skirts, pants, shorts! Picture quality is not great...iPhone pic! :)

Next up is this fab pink lipstick from Sephora. Bright pink lipstick is my trademark. I have worn bright pink lipstick since I first started wearing lipstick! I love it! I wore the same Chanel color for years until they discontinued it, then I moved onto to another of their colors and they discontinued that as well! So tragic! Ha! Now, I am always on the lookout for new fun pinks. This color was a random purchase because I loved the color and the name, "just dating." :) If you are looking for a bright pink that's not too bright, this is perfect for you! 

I LOVE these mini sparkle purses from Crewcuts! They are the perfect size to take out on a date night or a girls night! They fit an iPhone, lipstick/lipgloss, mini Purell(of course!), credit cards and an ID! Seriously the perfect mini bag! You can use it as a clutch if you tuck the string in. You can wear it cross-bosy or on one shoulder! Perfect! I was wishing I had this when we were in Vegas this fall! It will be perfect for a trip like that too! I have a gold glitter purse and a navy glitter purse that are not available anymore(I think I bought in December?) but I am loving the new mint and silver color that are on the website now! They are definitely going on my wish list!

Next up is Jesus Calling. This is a daily devotional that was recommended to me by a dear friend. It is amazing. I read it every morning when I wake up, before I get out of bed. It is a really amazing way to start my crazy days!  There are certain days where I feel like the book was made just for me and what I am going through in my life. It's really great! I plan on buying a couple to send to a few people as little gifts. :)

I have been waiting patiently for Anthropologie to come out with a wiener dog print in one of these Rendition Tees and they finally did!!! Love it! The weenie on the shirt that looks like our pups is even wearing a necklace! So fun! These tees run small in my opinion. While, I typically wear a small or extra small top, I do a medium in this brand/style! If you love wiener pups, you can't miss out on this tee!

Last on my list for this week is this fabulous neon pink Kate Spade ring! I am in love with it! I love big, fun statement jewelry pieces! This was the most perfect Valentine's gift for moi! :) It is a perfect addition to a fab arm party!

That's just a few of my favorite things! Hope your week is going great! The good news it that it's Wednesday! Just a couple more days and the weekend will be here! I have been under the weather this week, I think the funk that has been going through my house finally took me down! Hoping I am feeling better in a day or two! Hope you are all healthy and happy!



  1. You always look so good and have freshly painted nails. How on earth do you have time to always be "put together"?? so glad we are friends on Insta!!! Love Jesus Calling, get the one for the will love it too!! xoxox, Angie

    1. Angie-You are too sweet! I walk around most of the time sans makeup and in my gym clothes! Haha! So glad we are Insta friends as well! :) I need to order the Jesus Calling for the kids! I bet Teddy will love it!!! xoxoxo!

  2. {per our ig conversation :)...}

    these two articles made us feel a *little better!


    and this~

  3. I love Fresh Sugar and also wear Hesperides. I will definitely try the Lotus creme and the hairbrush. Love the peplum outfit... you always look fabulous. Thanks for the suggestions!