Thursday, May 10, 2012

Little Red Riding Hood

The month of May has totally crept up on me...I'm really having a hard time believing that we are actually 10 days in already! My "to do" list is seriously overflowing between the kids, organizing the house, moving my craft suite, reading the Fifty Shades Trilogy (Haha!) and reading Simplicity Parenting, upcoming trips and orders, etc!  First up on my order to do list is blankets for a set of twin girls! With twins and siblings, I think it's so fun to coordinate their blankets to match. For this set of girlies, I chose Little Red Riding Hood fabric. I love this fabric collection so much. I'm sure I'll end up making one for my own sweet girl. I can't help but make her a lot of the cute blankets I sell. After all, it was my kiddos that inspired my business to begin with! The below fabric will possibly be in my summer collection...I am still finalizing all of the fabric choices for that! 

Sweet Little Red Riding Hood fabric:

One of the twins will get this color combo(the pink and red bows are just so sweet):

For the other twin, I'm going back and forth between this combo(I LOVE the mushroom fabric for the ruffle! Love it!):

And this color combo:

But, like I said, the whole collection is just so adorable, it's tough to decide. Each girlie will have her sweet monogram in the corner of each blanket as well. These are my favorite gift for baby showers and baby arrivals! Look for the finished product post in the next couple of days! Hope everyone is having a fabulous week!!