Thursday, May 23, 2013

Instagram Account Deleted! :(

Hey there lovelies! I sit here typing this post, pretty much distraught. This afternoon I went to post a picture and I was prompted to sign back into Instagram, which never happens. When I signed in, it said that my account had been disabled due to a “violation of terms and conditions.” I panicked immediately of course! I have done nothing that violates the terms and conditions. I even went and read through them just to be sure! I assumed I had been hacked and spent the better part of the evening texting a few friends and crying over this. Come to find out later this evening that this did not only happen to me and has happened to a lot of people and their accounts have been deleted. One of the rumors is that they deleted people who do not use the Instagram camera…I pretty much ONLY use the Instagram camera so that rumor must be false. As of now, there has been no response from Instagram. I look forward to hearing what they have to say on this and hope they plan to reinstate all of our accounts. I love Instagram to post pictures of the little presidents and our life and to follow other peeps, but I also use it as the main way I run my business. My sole business comes from Instagram , which I love.  What’s even more upsetting is that it happened today. The day I launched my new blog. The day that I have been working so hard to get to and now, before everyone could even have a chance to see the new blog, my account has been deleted and doesn’t exist. I have submitted the forms to Instagram regarding this, but I honestly have no idea how long it will take to get the situation remedied or if it will be remedied, which makes me even more sad. I have met some amazing people through Instagram. I have made friends, I have gained business, I have learned lot of new things and lessons. We always says it’s an “insta family” and that’s so true. I am hoping that Instagram will reinstate my “littlepresidents” account as well as the mass amount of other accounts that I have heard were deleted! I have had that account for over a year now and I have over 1500 pictures that are meaningful to me and over 1500 followers that are meaningful as well. I’m hoping we wake up tomorrow with a solution to what I am assuming is a mass glitch, but if not, please know that I will create a new Insta name and be back soon. I will be so bummed to lose the “littlepresidents” handle though. :( The name alone is so meaningful to me. I will tell you that all of you who have emailed and text me mean so much to me. This has been so upsetting and I am so glad to know you all have my back! For now, please feel free to follow me at our new blog and hopefully I will be back on Instagram soon…with my old user name or a new one!



  1. My @so7District account was deleted and 21 other friends accounts gone. However mine is back! Mine went dark for approx 2 hours. I'm not sure which step I took worked but this one was prob key email insta:

    1. Hey Melanie! Thanks! I did the above step twice earlier this afternoon! Hoping mine is back soon. So upset over this!!! Glad yours is back! xo!

  2. I'm so sorry that happpened :( upsetting for sure!! I hope Instagram will be helpful in restoring your account and I look forward to seeing your updates in my feed soon! I'm a new follower but you are such a doll you definitely don't need this stress!

    Stay positive and fabulous as ever :)