Sunday, September 23, 2012

Zucchini Lasagna

Hooray for the weekend! This has been a weekend full of catching up around the house, cleaning, baking, cooking and all being under the same roof at the same time which is a rare occasion unfortunately. It has been so nice and much needed. I made a delicious dinner Saturday night that I just had to tell you all about! Zucchini lasagna! It was delicious. Very time consuming with making the sauce, etc! I was reminded again why I can't seem to get dinners like this on the table during the week since my kiddos require most of my attention and my hubs is away. I don't think this would be great to make in advance mainly because of the watery factor of zucchini squash. Even after salting and grilling and blotting each piece, it is still very watery when/after cooking, so I am not sure this is a great make ahead meal. Though I am planning to attempt to freeze it, thaw and then bake it...but again it may be a problem with zucchini being a watery veggie. Will keep you posted! It was delicious and will definitely be in my meal rotation from now on (at least on the weekends!). I served a crusty sourdough bread with it and a simple lemony arugula salad with shaved parmesean. Really a light and yummy meal. Italian food can be light if you don't use actual pasta! This recipe is from one of my favorite meal websites Skinny Taste. This site has become a huge meal resource for me since I have been on this working out/watching what I eat regime. I love it and she uses a ton of zucchini which is one of my favorite veggies to cook and eat! She has amazing meals on there! Love it!

Another post to come on how I cleaned my dishwasher. I am fascinated by the method that I used!  It's the little things! :) Happy Sunday! I am off to spend some time with the fam and then off to celebrate a sweet friend's birthday with margs and shopping! 



  1. hi ashley!
    funny, i didn't know your name despite seeing your children each day on IG! i just thought of you as "little presidents". ha! and in case you just think of me as "nineandsixteeen" my name is tessa. :) thanks for this recipe! trying for sure b/c i'm not the biggest fan of beef lasagna this one seems more my speed!!

    1. Hi Tessa! Nice to be on a first name basis and not just our IG names! Ha! This recipe is amazing! I am thinking of doing it again very soon!! Hope you enjoy it! The sauce does call for beef, but you can totally omit that! Hope all is well! xoxo, Ashley

  2. I want to try it. I wonder if you swapped out zucchini for a diff veggie if would be better to make ahead. Eggplant maybe? May have the same issue.

    1. I'm not sure! I have made an eggplant based lasagna before (still had pasta noodles though) and it was similar consistence-wise. Eggplant seems to be a tad on the watery side too. I want to try making/freezing/baking next week so i'll keep you posted on how it goes!